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Our purpose is to offer an uplifting online community for kids and young adults… to support each other, share hopes, dreams, goals, struggles – and successes! 

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Healing occurs when we nourish ourselves - it is then that we can reach out to others and help.  It accelerates our own healing and gives us that heart connection we all need.  You have the strength within you to fulfill your purpose and to help others recognize theirs.  You have the gift and strength to help lift up others.

Let’s encourage each other to realize one another’s potential and awesomeness! 

You are:



…a Gift to this world!

…Worthy of acknowledgement!

…Validated-you matter and the world needs you!

…Have a Purpose in the world!

…Protector - for yourself and others!

…Amazing Beings of Light!

…Here to ‘Show Up’ for others that need you – and to know you can ‘Show Up’       for ‘You’  too!

…Able to manage the challenges and lessons, which will strengthen you to grow – this is all a window to your life purpose – this will make you stronger and         ready to help others!



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