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INSPIRATION - This is for you!

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I had a vision; who is that person I see?

I walked closer to her, could that person be me?

But she stands so tall, sto strong and proud.

Where did she come from - this can't be me now.


I looked in her eyes, but saw no pain,

The hurt was replaced with the strength she had gained.

A tear escaped me she wiped it away.

I felt her warmth on that beautiful day.


She emitted the strength and wisdom I dreamed of attaining;

A cloud free sky, my emotions were raining.


I asked her, "Will this ever end?"  She nodded, "For me you can send.  I AM you, in the future to come.  You can walk with me when you're wanting to run."


With that, I took her hand.  This beautiful person was I who had chose to take a stand.

-Melissa Veeser

Copyright 1991

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