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Click here to sign up and reserve your digital seat for the screening!

Every 30 seconds, a child is sold….for sex, labor, or organ harvesting. It’s a topic people don’t want to talk about because they don’t want to think about it. It’s too hard for most of us to comprehend this kind of darkness, but if we don’t face it, the evil will continue. What happens when you turn on the light in a house full of cockroaches? They flee. Evil prevails when the truth doesn’t stand up for itself. 


Registering for the documentary and carving out time in your life to watch it is the first step... 


...but there are 2 things we REALLY need your help with before the premiere.

Here's How You Can Help Now >>

After you visit that link, then don't forget to:

Step 1: Save the date on your calendar

We will be doing the LIVE online premier July 10th @ 8:00 PM EDT which is:


• 7:00pm Central 

• 6:00pm Mountain

• 5:00pm Pacific


You will receive an email from us on that day with the login information to watch the film! It will only be online for 36 hours, so MAKE SURE you put it on your calendar and block out the time. 

Step 2: Share the trailer with EVERYONE you know!

The last time we showed this film, we raised over $1,000,000 in just 72 hours! (Enough to save over 400+ children from sex slavery!) You can help by inviting your friends to come experience this documentary that will change their life. 


Click here for more information on how to share this documentary between now and July 10th! REMEMBER: Every person you share this with could help save a child!!!


Together, we’re putting an END to child sex trafficking rings all over the world…

We’ll go into trafficking rings under cover…

We’ll arrest the criminals…

We’ll put them behind bars, and rescue the children…

And, we’ll make sure that they safely enter into recovery, starting from the moment they are rescued.  

(You’ll see it ALL go down in the documentary as if you were right there as part of the under cover team)

That’s our part.  

But we need help getting awareness out there… 

We need help raising as much attention as possible…

We need help being a LOUD DEAFENING voice for the kids who are in trouble and have no voice…

That’s your part.



The more awareness and action that comes from this documentary, the quicker we’ll be able to get innocent children OUT...

Out of immediate danger…

Out of slavery…

Out of a life they never chose...

Stay tuned!

We’ll be emailing you very soon to let you know when our Operation Underground Railroad documentary PREMIERE goes live.   


Tim Ballard

Operatin Toussaint DVD cover

Click here to sign up and reserve your digital seat for the screening!

How can you help save a child?

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